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  • Annette Dawm

Adulting with Andrea Powers

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

For Andrea Powers, the past year has been “the most crazy, whirlwind year ever” and “completely unexpected”. As the creator of “Adulting Reward Stickers” Andrea’s post in a Mom to Mom group on Facebook went viral in 2016. With over 8000 sales under her belt and recognition from celebrities like George Takei, Powers said that the success of the stickers still truly blows her mind because of “how everyone is connected on social media and the immediacy of it.” The universal approach to the design of the stickers has resonated worldwide which is something that has surprised her the most:

“I know based on the notifications from my Etsy store when and where it's been shared around the world. A friend was on a flight to Vancouver and the woman beside him on the plane had my stickers and told him all about them. It was pretty funny…. So many people can relate to wanting a little acknowledgement for doing that thing they don't necessarily enjoy-- and who doesn't love stickers?!”

Like all other rewards, these stickers are meant to be earned, which Andrea sometimes struggles with. “I'd say I get 'I wore a bra today!' almost daily. I hardly ever earn the 'I put away the laundry!' sticker or 'I remembered what I went upstairs for!' I really value when I earn those ones.” She laughed.

Originally, the stickers were only intended for one person, a friend of Andrea’s who was recovering from brain surgery at the time. All of the attention the stickers got online left the pair stunned, but now Andrea’s friend is a part of the creative process: “After she recovered, she was right there to help me with making stickers. Since then, I've made her more stickers (pregnancy and new mom versions) and she's always there to bounce ideas off of. I truly have a great team to help me with all of this.” Andrea’s team also includes her mom, her husband and another close friend.

“All of this wouldn't have happened without that local support. I initially shared the stickers in a Mom to Mom Handmade and Local Business group on Facebook and that's where they started going viral from. Everything built from there. After the initial viral flood online, it kept going for me with local support from handmade markets and craft shows. It's truly been amazing,” she continued.

In addition to being sold online in Andrea’s Etsy shop, Peanut Parade the stickers can be found in local businesses in and around London, ON and as far away as the United States: “My products are available in several local stores that carry handmade items, like The Been Garden, Local and Lovely Boutique and Ohtera. I'm currently working on a couple new stores as well. They are also available at a couple of retailers in the US (one in Los Angeles and two near Seattle, WA)” Andrea explained.

Known affectionately as her “Peanuts”, Andrea’s four sons inspired the name behind Peanut Parade in 2011. “I used to make all kinds of various different crafty products before I started making the Adulting Reward Stickers”. After trying other platforms such as Facebook and EBay, Andrea found that Etsy was the most “user-friendly” website for her needs. As an entrepreneur herself, Andrea Powers offered the following advice in terms of bringing an idea to life:

“Don't be afraid to try something new and follow your gut. I'd tried many different products in the past, and made these stickers on a whim and thought they might sell. Some people initially didn't really understand them, and tried to dissuade me, but I tried it anyway, figuring I had nothing to lose. Great ideas can come from anywhere, so take the leap and try!”

Photos courtesy of Andrea Powers/@YouAdultedToday

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