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  • Annette Dawm

After the Show: Jungle Cat World Wildlife Presentation

On March 22, 2017, I visited Fanshawe College to see a wildlife presentation by Jungle Cat World. I had seen this show before but because they come to the college so often, they bring new animals each time as well as some I had seen before. This show included: A tegu named Spike, a boa constrictor named Mike, a skunk named Febreze, a red-tailed hawk named Nowden (I think), a ring tailed lemur named Guido, a fennec fox named Luna, a serval named Murphy and a kangaroo named Sheila!

Below are several slideshows I put together of my photos. I think some of the nicest ones were of the red-tailed hawk because the Jungle Cat World staff brought him over for me to see up close before the show! The perks of being early! My friend got to pet Spike which was awesome, but she loves skunks. The thing is, you can only be chosen once to interact with an animal. So when Febreze came out she was sad that she wouldn't be chosen. We'll probably continue to see this show until we're elderly and hopefully by then she will have petted a skunk and maybe some day I will get to pet Luna. They tried to show me Mike and I was like, "NO THANK YOU!" You will see there aren't many pictures of him, but I hope you like my photos!

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