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  • Annette Dawm

Wall Project Update #5

I finished the majority of this collage on April 2, 2017 when my water heater and thermostat was being replaced. It was awkward because even though people were working on the water heater, it also felt like they were watching me. It was also difficult because they stood in front of the shelf where a lot of my supplies are. So I had to wait awhile before I could ask to get them. Everything you see here was glued on in one afternoon, except for one tiny thing: the part that says "Lady Gaga". I had cut out the exact same piece many months ago and it became lost so I had to look up the newspaper it came from and print a new one. I think that is a sign of hoarding when you have to replace things you lost, but whatever.

This collage doesn't have many stories behind it and I never know if people actually like these types of posts or if it's just me. A lot of these items came from Fanshawe, like the falcon wearing Lady Gaga's hat. (Oddly enough, this collage will go under another one that has a bird with a hat which was unintentional. However, I did plan for every collage in this column on the wall to have a camera. I might be able to show that another day.)

Today's collage is named "Renegade" after a coupon that was already expired when I got it. Gee, thanks. I often try to do things in pairs, either within the same collage or the ones near it. So this collage actually has two coupons but it might be hard to see the other one.

You're welcome. I will also have another coupon nearby on the wall.

Sometimes it's hard to grasp how things will go together. Some things will go together without much planning, but most of the time, before I start, I will look at the wall and see what colours are on all sides of the area I want to fill. For example, the middle collage has a lot of green on its left side and some red on its right side, which is why it fits well between the other two. Sometimes I just lay them out on the table.

When I very first started, I had so many that I laid them out on the floor-- a floor plan if you will. The collages aren't hard to move around if they end up somewhere I don't like, but I would rather do it right the first time.

To pair up with the Magic Baking Powder Cook Book cover, I cut out a snippet about cake baking in 1930 from the same book.

That's right, blame it on the oven. Yes, those are beets in the background. They were from a calendar. There's also a piece of a mauve and white envelope from my Italian pen-pal Erika. She probably sent me that in 2003. Another piece of the envelope can be seen above with the other collage that has a bird. Erika also wrote my name on that one.

Here's a picture from the day I got the Scott Helman flyer and a huge piece of cake. Cake seems to be a recurring theme.

I think those are all of the fun things I can point out for now, but I recommend that you visit this webpage from The Amplifier Foundation to learn more about where I got the sticker with the two ladies.

Thanks for reading!



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