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After the Show: The Abrams

On June 9, 2017 (my last day of being 25) The Abrams came to play at The Covent Garden Market! I had always been trying to go see them but I kept missing them until last year when I was lucky enough to see them three times in two days during Country Music Week (I made up for lost time I guess). This time they were in London for the CMA Ontario Awards and the various events that went with it. They went onto win "Roots Artist or Group of the Year" at the awards show after an amazing performance of "Spend Your Life With Me"!

They were the first people to say hi to me when I arrived at the awards and they have always been so nice. After my last blog, which was a Thank You Letter to all of the artists I've met over the past nine years, they wrote to me on Instagram and it left me with "warm fuzzies" all day haha.

(It didn't hurt that Brett Kissel liked it, either.)

So, that being said, I couldn't have spent my last day as a twenty-five year old any better (I also got to meet a chihuahua named Charlie Brown) and my birthday weekend lasted for four days. Thank you London! I will have a blog about my actual birthday next time. Here are my photos from when The Abrams came to the market!

PS: As I am writing this, I only need 654 more views until my entire blog has 50000! This has been a crazy six months doing this thing. Right when I'm ready to give up, it just takes off! So thank you for reading this!

PPS: The gallery option will only let me show up to 20 photos at a time instead of 21, so that's why it looks like one is missing.


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