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  • Annette Dawm

After the Show: Rock the Park July 16, 2017

It's hard to believe over a week has passed since Rock the Park ended. I'm not sure I'll be back but Marianas Trench made it worth it this year. I like showing my "Top 5 Photos" every once in awhile instead of a whole gallery. Since there were five acts on the Virgin Radio Fest day and my view wasn't all that great, I probably only had five decent photos to show you anyway. This was the last concert I had on my schedule and I don't have anything until September-- unless someone pops up at the market-- so I hope these photos will do until then. I should have more wall updates in the meantime since I am almost done and have just reached the 1000 item mark. I already have some ideas for the next few projects.

1. Ryland James

I had not heard of Ryland before this festival but I really enjoyed him. He reminded me a bit of Shawn Mendes.

2. Ruth B.

I was in awe of Ruth B. when I saw her on TV at The JUNO Awards this year. As you probably know, I am more of a country fan now but I was excited to see her. I think she is just going to get better and better.

3. Scott Helman

I love Scott Helman. Not in a creepy way, but he has to be one of my favourite singers ever. I couldn't believe it when I got to see him in January for $5. He walked by me that day and I wanted an autograph but he was on his phone and i didn't want to be rude. I should have been rude. There's no way I'll see him for as little as $5 again. That's okay. He's worth the money. I just want an autograph, please.

4. Alessia Cara

Just before Alessia came on stage, I was told we were about to be evacuated from the park due to the weather. It poured during her first song and then it stopped. So I'm pretty sure she controls the weather and that in itself is amazing, but this girl can sing. She also said "This song is for the girls... and the guys... and whatever you may identify as." So I thought that was pretty awesome.

5. Marianas Trench/Josh Ramsay

Nothing can beat the day I met Josh Ramsay, or the day he found me in the crowd and sang "Shut Up and Kiss Me" or the day I got to interview Ian Casselman, but this show was still so awesome and Josh's wardrobe never disappoints either haha.

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