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  • Annette Dawm

After the Show: Jason Blaine

As you know, I've met a lot of musicians. A lot. But there was one person who kept getting away: Jason Blaine. In the last seven years I've seen Jason six times and never got to say hi. It just never worked out. The first time I saw Jason was in September 2010, the day before I went to college, It was that one time at Music in the Fields, that if you were there, you'll never forget because it was so damn cold and wet! Somehow I got wedged into the front row and my mom told me not to leave for any more autographs because I'd never get back in, so I didn't meet Jason that day.

Schwartz was waterlogged and pneumonia was probably setting in at this point.

Jason came back to Music in the Fields last year and I asked to be put on his meet and greet list. When that didn't pan out, I hoped I'd meet him at the CCMAs, but all I got was a picture of him walking away.

Waving goodbye to my dreams haha,

Each time I had gone to see Jason, I took my CD cover for Make My Move. I took it with me in January this year when he came back to London with Tim Hicks and River Town Saints but I was still unsuccessful.

So close.

Then for whatever reason, I didn't put the booklet back with the CD and it became lost. In June when the CMA Ontario Awards came around, I took everything off the shelf it had been on and it was gone. I thought maybe I had left it behind at the last show. I took a different CD and I wasn't able to get it signed either.

Some of the artists in this picture include: Cold Creek County, Jason McCoy, Meghan Patrick, The Abrams, Jim Cuddy, Tim Hicks, Deric Ruttan, Jason Blaine and River Town Saints.

When I went to Rock the Park just over a month later, I got out CD covers for Scott Helman and Marianas Trench to sign but I had no such luck.On top of that, the Jason Blaine cover was still nowhere in sight. Except when I came home, there it was on the shelf, as if it was placed on top of the other CDs. The actual CD case was on the bottom shelf. (Yes, that is my Sharon and Bram autograph from last fall!)

Not long after that, it was announced that Jason was coming to the market. It was like somebody put the cover/booklet back because they knew I was going to need it,

So after seven years, I finally got to meet Jason Blaine and I got my autograph! As soon as I got home,


Thank you, Jason! This was worth the wait!

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