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  • Annette Dawm

Celebrating 200 000 Views

My blog reached over 200 000 views on March 28, 2018! This happened so fast. One of the first interviews I did this year was with YouTube star, Carl Bradbury. Honestly, I didn't think he would respond to my request for an interview, let alone share the article I wrote with over one million of his followers on Facebook! So I owe a lot of these views to Carl. The article went onto have over 55 000 views! To put that into perspective, I started my blog in January 2017. My first article reached over 6700 views, which is still one of the top blogs I've ever done. It took six months for my blog to reach 50 000 views altogether and just under a year to get to 100K. So Carl's article took about three days to rack up what I did in over six months!

When I was approaching 100 000 views, I knew it would still take awhile to get there, so I emailed everyone I interviewed and asked them if they'd like to make a video with me and say a few kind words. Only a few of them responded but it's still an awesome video! This time, I didn't even have time to get that many people to respond! Right before Carl Bradbury, I interviewed Wes Mack and I asked if we could pretend like I had already reached 200 000 views in order to make a video. I didn't think I would be posting it just a few months later. It seemed reasonable to me that if it took until December to reach 100 000 views, it would take that long again, but obviously not.

So, I didn't have enough material to make another shout out video, but I thought I'd put together a video similar to my highlight video for January-February 2018 (you can pretend it's a highlight video for March and April even though April's not over). This video tells a story of how the blog got here and that's what I do. I tell stories. I hope you like this one.


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