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  • Annette Dawm

Celebrating 10 Years of Concerts and 300000 Views

Ten years ago today, I went to my first concert-- if you don't count seeing Eric Nagler when I was four. While I'm super excited that I got to see Eric, the first concert I went to when I was 17 definitely had a larger impact. Now, as a disclaimer, the headlining band I went to see has caused a lot of controversy and hurt, especially in recent times. I was very hesitant to post about this band and you will know who I am talking about when you watch the video. I hope you don't think less of me or my video for including one particular person. I didn't do it to upset anyone. I am also very upset by what has become of this person/group. That is all I wish to say regarding this topic other than they just happened to be my first concert. In turn, going to this concert set the ball rolling for so many other great events in my life. (Another disclaimer: You probably won't want to watch this video with headphones on.)

That being said, I can't believe it's been 10 years. I spoke to someone recently who had been collecting autographs for 15 years. I can't imagine doing something for that long, but I guess I'm not that far off. He said he has spent thousands of hours (and likely dollars) driving to shows and literally just standing there in hopes of getting an autograph This guy is hardcore. I have seen him order a pizza while waiting for singers to come out of Budweiser Gardens. I showed BG a lot in my video but there are many other venues and festivals that I didn't get to name or include that were a part of my musical journey-- some of which don't exist any more:

The Old Roxy Theatre - Mount Forest, ON

Hanover Raceway - Hanover, ON

Chesley District High School - Chesley, ON

Centre Wellington District High School - Fergus, ON

Saugeen Summer Nights - Ayton & Clifford, ON

Lucknow's Music in the Fields - Lucknow, ON

The Roxy Theatre - Owen Sound, ON

Summerfolk - Owen Sound, ON

Big Music Fest - Owen Sound, ON

OSCVI - Owen Sound, ON

The Harry Lumley Bayshore - Owen Sound, ON

Holstein Rodeo - Holstein, ON

Meaford Hall - Meaford, ON

The Air Canada Centre - Toronto, ON

Fanshawe College - London, ON

The Aeolian Hall - London, ON

London Music Hall/Rum Runners - London, ON

Cowboys - London, ON

Centennial Hall - London, ON

Rock the Park - London, ON

Trackside Music Festival/The Western Fair - London, ON

Covent Garden Market - London, ON

Wolf Performance Hall - London, ON

TAP Centre for Creativity - London, ON

I'm sure I missed some but that's what I could think of off the top of my head so I think I did pretty good! I also didn't include every person or act I've seen, or this video would be days long. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate their music any less. For example, I just saw Tim McGraw and Faith Hill but I didn't have any room for their photos. Maybe you'll see them in the 20 year video if I'm still fortunate enough to be able to go to concerts and to continue posting on my blog which now has well over 300 000 views!

Having this video on my blog is super exciting to me because some of the newer followers might not know about all of the shows I've been to and what I've worked on. It's a good look back for all of us and another way for me to say thank you. I don't think people really believe me when I say certain artists are my friends, or at least know my name. I am very lucky to be recognized and not just because I use a wheelchair. (It is noticeable.) This blog having so many views must mean I am doing something right, but really it's just numbers on a screen. The fact that people come running to say hi to me or give me a hug proves that I made a real connection. That probably means more to me, but I'm thrilled that people like my work too (please hire me).

Thank you,


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