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  • Annette Dawm

Tim Chaisson is Spreading Happiness with The East Pointers

From a young age, Tim Chaisson has been known for his career as a solo artist, but he seems to have found his happy place with The East Pointers (comprised of Tim and Koady Chaisson and Jake Charron). When asked what sets this band apart from his other projects, Tim replied: “I think, mainly, it feels so natural and real to me. We started the band for fun! We all get along so well personally and musically that it flows so easily. It’s also a blast performing music that feels very unique and gets people on the dance floor! I’ve been just loving The East Pointers so much that I haven’t felt a strong urge to record on my own. I definitely will at some point though,” he explained.

For anyone who is just discovering Chaisson’s musical catalogue for the first time, he said that he’d like people to know that “the music I play is straight from the heart! I feel fortunate to be able to create music and hope the person listening feels the emotion I put into it.”

The East Pointers have a very distinct sound that represents not only Prince Edward Island, but the East Coast of Canada. Their homegrown music has taken them all over the world: “It’s very cool. I grew up playing traditional fiddle with my family, not thinking it’d ever connect with someone in Australia, Estonia or California-- but it definitely does. There’s something in our bones when it comes to hearing an old instrument or tune-- and we’re just happy to spread that happiness wherever we go!”

For Tim, “2018 has been amazing so far” on both the professional and personal side of things. For starters, The East Pointers took home The JUNO Award for “Traditional Roots Album of the Year”! They also completed tours in Australia, England, Canada, the US and Europe with more Canadian and Japanese dates on the way! Regarding the shows in Japan, Tim mentioned that there will be “busy times ahead” with this being his first trip to the country. “I’ve never been, but heard many amazing things about their culture.”

To add to the excitement, Tim and his wife, Jane recently welcomed their first child, Fox William Allen-Chaisson! At just a few weeks old, Fox has already attended a few of his dad’s performances—with The Wiggles! Over the last few years, Tim has had several opportunities to work with the children’s entertainers, both on TV and on stage. “I loved it!” said Chaisson. “They’re amazing people and I am lucky to call them friends. Their work ethic and positive attitude is admirable.”

Especially now that he has a son, Tim admitted that it is even harder to be out on the road and separated from his loved ones. However, he said, “Without the passion and travel there would be a void. I’m not ready to explore that yet! I do love the travel of music but sometimes I get sad being away from my family.” The theme of leaving home for work is explored on The East Pointers’ latest album, What We Leave Behind—more specifically in the song, “Two Weeks”.

“‘Two Weeks’ definitely has a dark side to the struggles of working away from home (in particular the east coasters who are in Alberta) but it’s not always so dark (we’re just dramatic songwriters). I think it’s hard to leave home even when you’re doing something you love but it’s kind of who you are, too….”

When it comes to knowing himself--even if given the chance--Tim Chaisson thought that he would rather not give his younger self any advice about the future. As he explained, “I think I’d keep it all a surprise! Like anything else in life, it’s been a journey and I’m glad I didn’t know all the twists and turns along the way.”

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Photo courtesy of Tim Chaisson’s Facebook Page.

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