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  • Annette Dawm

After the Show: Chris Young, Dan + Shay and Morgan Evans

November 1, 2018 was an eventful day. As you might know, in 2016, I found a suspicious looking mole, which lead to finding more suspicious looking moles. Every time I found more, I would have to get a referral to have them looked at. Then another appointment would be made so a Dr. could look at them. It was almost like, "Yep, I see you have a mole." Then they would biopsy it (take a sample). The next appointment would be to remove the whole mole and finally, an appointment to take the stitches out. In June/July I did my last round of appointments at the dermatology/plastic surgery clinic I had been going to, but for whatever reason, this time they sent me to the hospital for my consultation/removal and that appointment came up on Nov. 1. On my paperwork, it said consultation only, so I was not mentally prepared for the moles to come out that day, but they did. It hurt and it still hurts today. This time though, they used dissolving stitches, so I won't have to go back unless they find cancer-- and they don't think they will. So that's good.

When I had the other moles removed, I didn't move too fast for a few days. Even though the moles weren't very big, the pain was like a paper cut and a sunburn added together and multiplied by 100. This time wasn't as bad but I would have liked to have had a nap after. Instead, I had a meet and greet with Chris Young and you can tell I didn't feel well at all.

When I found out Chris was coming to London, I joined his fan club for about $15. So that was worth it for a meet and greet, unlike his VIP packages, which were in the hundreds. I'm not sure why the prices were so different. While I'm glad I got to meet Chris Young, I missed Morgan Evans' set during this time which was super disappointing. I really wanted to see him and Dan + Shay since I'd never seen them before. It wasn't even a sure thing that Dan + Shay would be there since their bus broke down somewhere, but they made it, four minutes before they were supposed to go on.

Before I went to meet Chris Young, I told three staff members that I would be going to the meet and greet and coming back. They all said "Okay." But when I came back, they had given my seat to someone else. I was not impressed, but I got moved to another seat and was able to take this awesome picture.

Being so far away though, my other pictures were not as good. Once my seat was figured out, I explained how I had missed Morgan Evans and asked if he would be signing after the show and they said yes, so I felt better about that.

I was so glad to be able to see Dan + Shay! I've always missed them when they've been in London, but I could see them doing a headlining show down the road. They were fantastic. I also thought Chris Young was great! He sang every one of his songs you could want and he moved right along. He even sang with Cassadee Pope. (Well, not exactly. Dee Jay Silver was also there and you could tell people were high on life and maybe other things when he played "YMCA".)

I left before Chris was done so I could get in line for Morgan. I went to the merch table since I was told he'd be there and I tried to buy a CD but they were all gone. I asked if he was going to come out and they said yes, but it would be in the same place that the meet and greet for Chris was-- at the other end of the building. So, I scurried over there and there were maybe seven people altogether. I thought this was good and that I would be in and out quickly. A staff member came over to me and was quite snappy with me and asked where my CD was. I said I don't have a CD, they sold out and she told me I would not be allowed in. I was so upset. I decided not to leave since there weren't that many people. Maybe they would change their minds. I thought the CD requirement would have made more sense if they hadn't already been autographed. My friend bought one earlier and showed me the signature. He said it came like that. I watched as people went in. There was a family, and they said only one person could go in since there was only one CD. (Who buys more than one CD per family???) So the dad went in and out and gave the CD to the daughter so she could go. Yay dad! I told a girl who was waiting in line what had happened and she saw how sad I was. She let me borrow her CD! Of course, it had already been signed and the snappy lady called me out on it, so I just said it came that way. Then she had to verify with someone that it came signed and FINALLY I got to see/meet Morgan Evans! It was the best five minutes of the whole day.

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