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  • Annette Dawm

The JUNO Awards 2019 Highlights

One of my goals for The JUNO Awards was to be able to have an awesome video at the end. Even though I had applied and was supposedly granted a media pass for various events around the city, the promotion company went back on their word at the last minute, (up to the day before) and decided that "due to limited space", I would no longer be on the photographer list. While I was extremely disappointed, in some cases it was for the best since I was not always able to get as close as I wanted or I couldn't stay for the whole event. So, in my mind, I knew that a lot of the photos weren't my best or if I was in the photo, then I didn't even take it. Without the media pass, I was able to still take photos and post them at my own pace without having to worry if they were up to The JUNOS' standards (some of them were not up to my standards haha).

With all that considered, I still had fun every day and I was able to put together an awesome video.

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