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  • Annette Dawm

Ches Anthony is Staying True to His Heart

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

After spending several years in multiple bands, Ches Anthony has embarked on a solo career that combines all of his favourite styles of music: “You know, one minute I listen to heavy rock, or the next minute, old, country, blues. When I write songs, it comes out kind of blended together…. My roots [are in] blues and country and I do a lot of writing in my music. I try to write about people’s daily struggles and their successes in life,” he explained.

Throughout his career, Ches has played some of the biggest stages known to music from The Vans Warped Tour to Boots and Hearts. He described each audience as “very different” from each other. “I mean, when I played at Warped Tour, that was in a heavy rock band, so there was a lot of moshing and punching,” he laughed, adding that it was a “very metal kind of crowd” whereas Boots and Hearts (a popular country music festival) is “just a party, everyone’s, you know, having a good time.”

In 2018, Ches had the opportunity to play at The Country Music Association of Ontario Awards (CMA Ontario Awards) which he thought was “one exciting ride” to be on, as he was raised in Saskatchewan. “It was really cool to be a part of that and hang out with the crowd.” Meeting all of the other artists, including Tim Hicks, was the highlight of the weekend. Ches will be back for The 2019 CMA Ontario Awards as a performer with Danielle Bourjeaurd. He mentioned that he might also be part of another event with fellow singer, Kelsi Mayne.

At the beginning of this year, Ches released his song, “Written in Stone”. In support of the single, special merchandise was created that said “#BeYou”. All proceeds from the items went to The Canadian Mental Health Association. When asked why this was an important cause, he replied, “I think that mental health is a huge thing that kind of gets ignored with today’s media and everything kind of gets pushed aside. We’ve all been through our struggles and I actually lost a close friend of mine in 2017 due to mental health. I just would like to give back and raise awareness to that kind of foundation and let people know you’re not alone and talk to someone….”

On a lighter note, Ches admitted that his current single, “Carolina” is just “a fun tune!” Of all places, the song came to be following a NASCAR event! “I actually went down to North Carolina last year to play for a private NASCAR party and I just had so much fun with the NASCAR team and the place was just so cool. I thought, ‘there’s got to be a song in that!’ … I just love the outdoors, you know? So that’s kind of what the song’s really about!”

Currently, Ches is in the studio “putting the final touches” on his untitled album that will be released in a few months. One of the songs he is most excited about was written by Chris Stapleton and Liz Hengber! Plans for a radio tour at the end of April are also in the works, but most of his summer shows are still to be announced. “I can say I will be out West in August and I will be in London, ON area in September. It might not be in London, but it’s around there.”

Finally, Ches Anthony has learned that to actually “Be You” in the music industry can be difficult, but he has maintained a positive attitude through it all: “…Sometimes if you’re doing your own thing or what your heart desires, you may not get the greatest success or commercial success but at least you’ll feel good about what you’re doing…. Definitely, from personal experience, I would say that the most important part is to love what you do and make sure it’s true to your heart-- and make sure to have fun because sometimes you can get too caught up in it like it’s a job. It can be stressful just like anything else, right? So you have to definitely have fun and relax and love what you do. Just ‘keep on keepin’ on’, as Joe Dirt would say!”

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Photo by Annette Dawm.

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