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  • Annette Dawm

One Question with Shaun Majumder, Connor Morand and Devin Cuddy

I'm not sure what episode we're on haha! However, I have been looking forward to this one for a long time. I asked Shaun Majumder, Connor Morand and Devin Cuddy, "What makes a great storyteller?" and unlike my other versions of "One Question With..." these are answers I haven't shared in any other articles. So even though some of the answers may be months old, they are technically brand new! I hope you enjoy it. PS I was going to do something fancy with my letter board for this but I didn't have enough letters for everybody to fit on the board at the same time, so we must settle for this photo collage I whipped up on my phone.

(Okay, so it wouldn't have been that fancy.)

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