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  • Annette Dawm

Forest City Comicon 2019

I was so excited to meet Pinky and The Brain-- I mean Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche at Forest City Comicon this year! My childhood! Rob Paulsen was also the voice of Yakko from Animaniacs and PJ from A Goofy Movie (my favourite movie ever)! I couldn't afford to get my photo with both actors and I felt so bad. Then after their panel about their careers, they took a photo with the crowd and guess who they sat beside? Me!

So we got our picture together anyway! It was great. Rob talked to me as Yakko, Pinky and PJ. As my friend Dwayne pointed out, it was exactly like this:

It blew my mind. Also, I am going to see Dr. Phil in the fall so stay tuned for that if I am allowed to take pictures! Until then, here are my photos from Forest City Comicon 2019!

Group photo courtesy of Forest City Comicon.

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