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  • Annette Dawm

After the Show: Lights and Tillie

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Anyone who knows me knows that I have always had a special attachment to the singer, Lights since we attended the same high school, though not at the same time. While she has lived in many places over the years, the fact that she attended Chesley District High School and has achieved so much has always inspired me.

Last year, Lights had a show in London which I was unable to attend because I had already purchased a ticket to see Séan McCann that day (another childhood idol). However, I thought since she would be in the area, maybe I could interview her. I found some contact information for her team, and my email was sent around to a few different people. Eventually, a lady wrote me back and said no to an interview, but she suggested that I try for a photo pass. This was something I had never thought of asking for. I thought this was really encouraging, but as I mentioned earlier, I could not attend the show. I thanked the lady and told her that I would keep the photo pass in mind for another time.

Basically one year later, I found out that Lights was coming back so I emailed that lady back. Unfortunately, it seemed like she no longer worked there, but it listed alternative contact people. I explained to them what happened last year and that I would like to try to interview Lights again and apply for a photo pass. The answer was no, however, it was possible that a photo pass would become available closer to the show. IT DID! I didn't think it would actually happen. I had a feeling something would go wrong, so I printed out the email which confirmed that a photo pass would be waiting for me. I got there and sure enough, there was no pass, but my email was like a golden ticket and everything turned out okay! So, not only was I "officially" allowed to take photos of Lights and Tillie, but the audience stayed in their seats and didn't mob the stage! This meant I could see everything and I was able to get some great photos! I hope you like them! Special thanks to Ashley Poitevin and The London Music Hall! (Click the slideshow to see more.)




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