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Behind Brandon Davis’ Viral Videos

Brandon Davis is a country singer-songwriter who has made a name for himself on TikTok and other social media platforms by completing his wife’s “concert challenges”. In 2019, the father of three (and soon to be four) was in a life-threatening car accident. As he recovered, Brandon and his wife, Destiny decided that it was time for him to finally pursue the music career he always wanted.

The only way Destiny knew how to do that was to turn to the internet. According to Brandon, “My wife had been posting a few videos without me knowing….Then she caught me at the fridge one night getting a bottle of water. She ran up and said “Baby! Baby! Baby! Sing me Brad Paisley!” The following day, that video shot into the millions and my following started growing overnight.” Since then, Destiny has regularly caught Brandon off-guard and has asked him to sing various songs wherever they go.

One of the many artists that Brandon has covered is Tim McGraw, and Tim took note! He found some of Davis’ videos and began liking and commenting on them! As if that wasn’t exciting enough, one day, McGraw personally phoned Brandon to ask if he would like to go on tour in 2022! (The tour also includes Russell Dickerson and Alexandra Kay. Currently, there are no Canadian dates.)

“It’s one of those moments you always dream about but never think will happen,” He continued, “Yet, the night I got that phone call, those dreams became reality. When I found out it was Tim on the other end of the line, I was speechless. Then he asked me to go on tour and all I could do was repeatedly tell him absolutely and what an honor it would be. The fact that the guy I idolized and listened to growing up is now interacting with my social media posts and my music is mind blowing! Tim McGraw is such a powerhouse artist, but also a family man and a loving husband. Faith and Tim are the couple that so many aspire to be. He’s built so much in his career. That tour will be the tour of my life and I can’t wait to soak up every moment of it. I’m also looking forward to continuing to share my music with the world and expanding our shows to more new locations.”

With "The McGraw Tour", it seems that Brandon is following in the footsteps of his father, who had the opportunity to open for Garth Brooks decades earlier: “My dad played country music locally at all the hot spots in Chattanooga back in the ‘80s and the Governor’s Lounge needed a band to open for a new headliner that night. That headliner just so happened to be Garth Brooks! Though back then my dad didn’t really know who he was opening for, looking back he’s amazed and honoured knowing that he got that chance.”

Aside from his dad, Brandon also credited Merle Haggard as one of his heroes growing up:

“Merle was a killer song-writer and artist. He put our everyday lives into his songs in ways we could all relate to. He was the common man’s poet.” Haggard’s relatability is something that Brandon hopes to achieve with his own songs, including the song he wrote for his wife, called “Destiny”.

Davis said, “I put my whole heart into what I write and sing. I do my best to connect with people through my music.” He added that he wanted people to be inspired by the life that he and Destiny share, and that the song tells the story of how everything came to be. “Even though our life is a little unconventional, it’s exactly how we dreamed it to be and we would not change a thing.”

Finally, when asked about his advice for future artists, Brandon Davis replied: “My best advice would be that, if doing what I do is the path you want to take, just put your whole heart into it. If you’re passionate about what you do, and you show that passion and love for your craft to the world, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.”

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