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  • Annette Dawm

Bringing Stories to Life with Felipe Kroll

Felipe Kroll is an award-winning digital artist from Brazil. One of his most recent projects is The Nightmare Sketchbook, a graphic novel co-created by Vincent V. Cava (recognized for his work on Creepypasta among other things). “It is an accomplishment for me,” said Felipe, “because The Nightmare Sketchbook is the first project that I've idealized and brought to reality. The fact that the end result came out better than what I expected gave me the confidence to do more.”

“Vincent V. Cava is the co-creator and writer of the story.” Kroll continued. “He is already known on the web for his stories and his work has been used to promote films and television shows produced by Fox and Starz. So to have someone like him onboard was really nice and important for me and I'm grateful for it.”

Over the last 10 years, Felipe has had many clients including Universal Music Brazil: “I've worked making some album covers mostly for rock bands here in Brazil. It was an awesome experience. It is really cool to see the artwork along with music! It gives a whole new perspective for the art.”

As a personal endeavour, Felipe has launched Kroll Studios in order to promote other people’s work by creating a website/branding experience with animated trailers, a soundtrack and more:

“What I aim to do with the studio is to help people bring their own stories and worlds to life. I'm starting with five projects from different entertainment fields: books, comics, games, music, and video. It has been exhaustive work, but totally worth it when I see the projects coming out…. People can definitely apply, just send me an email and we can talk about it.”

In terms of his drawing process, Felipe admitted that even though he is a digital artist, he often starts out on paper: “I've already tried oils, but it's just not the same thing. I'm a slave of technology, photos textures, and Ctrl + Z (Undo)…. I actually like drawing on paper with just a pencil or a pen.... It's sort of therapy for me, but the finalization of the piece is always on the computer.”

Like many artists, Kroll tends to be introverted and has a hard time talking about himself. However, through social media, his art has connected him with people from around the world:

“My art comes out of just another regular person-- someone that can be passing by your side on a crowded street and you don't even notice-- with fears and doubts, happy and sad moments; someone that started using art as a way to escape reality sometimes and got lucky enough to make this a way of living…. I don't see myself as having reached ‘full success’ yet. I think I'm still on the journey, you know, there's still a lot to accomplish-- but social media meant everything to get me where I am today… If it wasn't for social media, nobody would probably even know my art exists.”

Unfortunately, the internet is the only place Felipe can connect with others these days due to COVID-19: “It is horrible, not only for me but for a lot of people. This thought has concerned me because I imagine how many people, families, and kids are in really hazardous situations. I've talked with some charity entities here in Brazil and had a few ideas for things I can do to help using my art. If I could help at least one person, this will mean the world to me….” As quarantine continues worldwide, Felipe hopes to continue his art and wishes for everyone to be safe and well. “Just for reading this interview this far and showing this much attention for me and my work, you already helped me a lot! Believe me! I thank you for this!” He continued.

Finally, when asked for advice, Felipe Kroll replied, “I still have a long way to go, much to learn and much to conquer, but if you may permit me to give one bit of advice I'd tell you, ‘Don't be like me. Don't get so serious upon your art. If you don't enjoy doing your artworks then you're wrong.It will become a pain for you and you'll get stuck. Have fun!’”

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Photo courtesy of Felipe Kroll.

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