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  • Annette Dawm

Celebrating 700 000 Views!!!

On May 1, 2021, the blog surpassed 700 000 views! In case you don't know, I have kept track of how well each post has done on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bitly and here on my website. Then I add it up in a spreadsheet. So much time and thought goes into each post. To still be doing interviews four years later really surprises me. In the beginning, I thought, "I'll never get to interview an American entertainer, they're too 'big' for this blog." As of last week, I have completed 64 interviews and one of them happened to be with an American Idol runner-up. I'd say that's pretty big. :)

So far, I have interviewed creative people from Canada, America, The United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil. While some people may think of this as a music blog, my goal has always been to interview as many creative people as possible. I also used the blog to share my concert photography but since that has gone by the wayside with COVID-19, I have focused a lot more on art and comics. As much as I have put work into this, reaching over 700 000 views would not be possible without people like you actually viewing it. I know it can't all be from me hitting the refresh button. So I wanted to take a moment to say thanks.

Someone told me that they thought I was starting to get a large following, but I'm not really. I have less than 400 followers on my Instagram (and even less on Facebook and Twitter) and Overheard Things hasn't even made it to 50 followers. However, I have a core group of people that like almost everything I post (and each like adds up). So thank you to my Mom, Jamara, Darryl, Courtney, Kyle, Kayla, Mike L. and many others. There are also some random strangers that pop up too. I see you. Thank you also to the account on Twitter that retweets just about everything with #LdnOnt. You make up for most of these views.

So you might be wondering, if I don't have a big following how does this all add up? Well, as I explained in my "Blog Turns 4" video, Ryan Reynolds and Carl Bradbury really helped me out. Plus, when it comes to interviews, my audience is their audience. It makes a huge, huge difference if the person I interviewed shares the article on their social media. If they don't, it just goes out to the above mentioned people. In the video below, Mike Manning's article made it to 1000 views in just a few hours after he retweeted it and it has now been seen over 5100 times!

After posting his interview, I interviewed a lesser-known person and it got 583 views (just to keep me humble haha). Someone in my family noted that since this article was not as popular as Mike's, I must be "doing it wrong". To that I say, "Sorry, I am not Oprah." I am just one person doing this. I don't have a team and as I said, my following is actually very small. So I am very fortunate each time a person says yes, whether they are just starting out or if they are well-known in their field.

Reaching 700 000 views has taken me a long time, but I know that I must be doing something right in order to make it this far. With some help, I have created an awesome little video in order to celebrate! A very special thanks goes out to:

Freddie Smith and Alyssa Tabit-Smith (and all of the plants and trees that appeared in the background)!



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