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  • Annette Dawm

Celebrating 75 Interviews

I recently posted my 75th interview which was a big milestone for me. I usually get to do 12 interviews a year, but I also send about 30-50 interview requests a year. So to finally make it to 75 took a really long time (five years). So I thought we should celebrate this milestone now.

I attempted to show some of the interview process, including my question sheets and waiting to talk to people on the phone. I only did a handful of phone/in-person interviews. I enjoy doing Zoom interviews, but they can be nerve-wracking as well. Most of them were done through email, so for this video, I focused more on the interviews that I had recordings of. I try to keep the interview process light-hearted and fun, but I take writing the questions and final articles very seriously. I have been so fortunate that all of these talented people trusted me to tell their stories!

Below are all of the links to the interviews/people mentioned in the video (in order of appearance). Don't worry, it's not all 75, but there are links to all of the interviews on the bottom of my home page. P.S. It took me a week to make this video, so it would mean a lot if you shared it!

  1. Annette Dawm (Yes, I did my own interview)

  2. Mike Manning

  3. Lawrence Chau

  4. José Rosales

  5. Chris Labelle

  6. Tenille Arts

  7. Brandon Davis

  8. Brett Kissel

  9. Kurt Tocci

  10. Cross Parallel

  11. Tommy Avallone

  12. Daniel Turres

  13. Devin Cuddy

  14. Ches Anthony

  15. The Quilted Stash

  16. Morgan Hoffman

  17. Morgan Casey

  18. Tim Deegan

  19. Chad Price

  20. Alyssa Tabit-Smith & Freddie Smith

  21. John Maksym

  22. Doc Walker

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