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  • Annette Dawm

Celebrating 800 000 Views!

Over the last few weeks, I noticed that I was getting close to 800 000 views on my blog. Things aren't like when I first started. I went to concerts a lot and could tag artists in the photos I took. They would often share them and most posts would easily get 1000 views (beginner's luck, I think).

Then with the pandemic, there were no more concerts, so I relied heavily on my Overheard Things comics, and other art which are not as popular, but everything adds up. I have also been fortunate to be able to continue my interviews. Hands down, they are the most popular and that's great because they are my favourite thing to do! My 2nd favourite thing to do is to edit fun videos, which you'll see in a minute. These days, my posts usually get 200-300 views. So I added everything up and I estimated that I would make it to 800 000 views by May 1, 2022. I was excited by this, because I reached 700 000 views on May 1 last year! This showed me that I was remaining consistent with my work, and that's an accomplishment in itself.

On Friday, Morgan Hoffman shared the interview we did together and as someone who is seen on national television almost every day, she has quite a large following on the internet! Overnight, it went from a couple hundred views to a couple thousand! But it still wasn't quite enough. I needed 100 or so more, so then I looked at some comics that I had recently posted and sure enough, their views had increased! So here we are, ahead of schedule. This was the fastest I have put together a video! I hope you enjoy it! There are some photos from The CCMAs that I haven't shared before that were taken by Tim Deegan! So it's not all recycled material! ;)

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