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  • Annette Dawm

Colour Challenge - Cycle 1

I don't tend to do New Year's resolutions. I like to do goals or challenges. Before the new year, someone showed me a colour wheel and said they were going to write down a memory for each colour. I kind of liked this idea, but I found that many of the shades were too similar. I decided instead to make my own list of colours and then either make a collage or use something I already had and write about it. This helps me declutter and it helps me get into the habit of writing every day. Here is my list of colours that will repeat throughout the year:



School Bus Yellow (or dark yellow or gold)

Yellow (or light yellow)

Light Green

Dark Green

Light Blue (or turquoise)

Dark Blue


Magenta (or fuschia or burgundy)



White (or a free choice-- the free choice might move to the magenta spot if I run out of that colour)

Grey (or silver)


Originally I was going to make a video for each cycle but I found that the editing process takes longer than the actual collages. So I made this one video and then going forward I will just blog about it and hope that people find it interesting. (Even I was getting bored with the videos.)



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