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  • Annette Dawm

Inktober Behind the Scenes

Hi there!

As you might know, I have been working on Inktober. I actually did two rounds this year. I found an old prompt list and turned it into Inktober in August and now I am doing Inktober 2019. If you haven't heard of Inktober before, basically, a guy named Jake Parker came up with the idea that people should draw (or make) something every day in October. Over the last few years there has been a prompt list, or a word for each day.

Friday's word was "Misfit" and originally I was going to do a platypus. Then I thought The Joker would be more fun. I recently bought a Joker magnet at London Comic Con. I specifically asked for the Heath Ledger Joker because I studied him in my graphic novel course. Someone beside me said, "You know there's more than one Joker, right?" I thought that was so rude. Everyone has their favourites. Just let me buy my magnet.

On a side note, the Twitter accounts for Corner Gas, Lunarbaboon and Country 104 liked/retweeted my photos from that day and they have now been seen over 9000x! So that's pretty cool!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show you how I made my version of The Joker. If this video is too long for you, there will be a one minute version on my Instagram page. While I was filming this, I had a hard time propping up my phone, so it is at a bit of an awkward angle. Since then, I have learned that my phone sticks to my whiteboard (they're magnetic). So I will keep that in mind for future experiments like this. I would still like to invest in a "bendy arm" tripod, but I don't know if I will be capable of making it bend the way I want. I watched a video of a grown man using one and he kind of struggled because it's made of metal. We shall see.

Wait! Why is Aaron Carter the thumbnail for this video? Well, I made The Joker mostly out of business cards. When I was doing The Wall Project, I amassed hundreds of random cards. So I have been trying to find other ways to use them rather than to just recycle them all. You'll see one of my giant tins in the video. There were many cards I forgot about and I found one for a business called "Carter's Design Studio". (They spelled it like "Carters'") So that reminded me of my recent encounter with my 10 year old self's favourite performer. Like I said, we all have our favourites. (Plus, I think it's more fun to look at this photo rather than watch me struggle with tape for nearly 10 minutes.) There's also a shout out to Shawn Austin in there. I accidentally gave him the wrong business card one time.

P.S. I highly doubt Aaron will look at this page, but just in case-- my mind was a little blown when I met him and I didn't get the chance to ask if we could do an interview. I have since contacted him many times. I don't want to be creepy but I am also determined haha. So, if you could tag him on social media and send him back to my website that would be really great. I know Aaron has been through a lot lately and I think I would be the right person to tell his story in a respectful manner while focusing on the positive aspects of his career.

P. P. S. If you like this video or anything I do on my blog, please check out my Patreon page. I created a $1 tier, which is the lowest amount you can give per month. Any support would be greatly appreciated!




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