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  • Annette Dawm

Keeping Emo Alive with Matt Cutshall

Matt Cutshall is a content creator who began posting videos on the now defunct social media platform, Vine. According to Matt, “A lot of people will discover new talent but have no idea how much content/work that creator has put out in order to become successful. I would just want someone who recently discovers me to just spend time going back in time and watching all of my content! I started on Vine just for fun in 2013 and that sort of grew to where I am today…. I remember the day I made a video jumping in a pool to celebrate having 2000 followers! I had no clue where the Vine journey was going to take me, but here I am now!”

Since 2018, Matt has gained popularity with his “Emo’s Not Dead” (END) content. In each video, Matt wears his black emo attire, complete with an emo wig, as he sings along to his favourite emo music. Cutshall recalled that his earliest END videos included “Ohio is For Lovers” by Hawthorne Heights and “I Miss You” by Blink 182. He soon realized how popular these videos were and has completed “24 more and counting!”

Over time, the video shoots have become more elaborate and have included countless musicians and other celebrities. Now with over one million followers, Cutshall credits “the power of Instagram” for the number of connections he has been able to make. “I just DM them asking if they would want to collab. Some say yes and others just read my message and never respond.” He added that more often than not, people are willing to participate.

Earlier this year, Matt worked with Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan for a video that also featured Tony Hawk. “Pierre is a dreamboat.” He continued. “Such a normal, down to earth, nice guy! But that pretty much describes everyone in Canada, eh?”

Adding to his success, Matt now has an END clothing line: “I wear the Tie Dye hoodies on a regular [basis]! I love the Tie Dye drop that we did very much. I’m also a huge fan of the Skull & Rose tees from the Revival Tour collection…. My long term goals might not sound exciting on paper, but it’s honestly just to save and invest my money wisely to then have enough residual income to live a simple life with my family! A house on the river somewhere, fishing pole in my hand—ahh, that's the dream.”

When asked if he had a favourite video, Cutshall chose something outside of his END catalogue: “I did a series called ‘The Real House Husbands of Aspen’, also known as ‘Rick & Tom’. That series has been my absolute favourite to write, act in and edit. I really love that one!”

Finally, Matt Cutshall offered the following advice for anyone wishing to create a similar career path: “It takes time! It’s very far and few between who become an overnight success. In order to succeed in social media or anything else, you need to understand that it may take 5-10 plus years before you truly see your hard work pay off. Also, stay true to the content that you enjoy making. You know that saying, ‘If you build it, they will come’? If you create something that interests you and that you are proud of, there is a good chance it will interest other people out there. They will just need to eventually discover your work!”

For more information, please visit Matt Cutshall on Facebook and Emo’s Not Dead on Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Matt Cutshall.

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