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  • Annette Dawm

One Question with Rider Strong

Hello! Today I was originally going to post about my 2020 photo book. It is supposed to come in the mail tomorrow, so I thought I would wait so you could see the real thing along with the digital version.

Instead, I have a little video with Rider Strong and his Literary Disco podcast co-hosts, Tod Goldberg and Julia Pistell. On January 30, they did a live podcast on Zoom in support of of Luma Con. I don't think they have posted the full episode yet, but they did a review of Cruel Summer by Ed Brubaker. Since this is a podcast about books, I asked a book related question but I had my ways of letting them know how much I love Boy Meets World!

I had tried to reach out to Rider and Shiloh Strong a couple of years ago for an interview but it didn't work out. (So if you're reading this, I'm still available!) I thought this was the next best thing! I don't know why my box flits around but I hope you like the video! I will update this post if I find the episode or YouTube video.



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