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  • Annette Dawm

Squared Away April 4-10, 2022

Hello, after finally posting my last Colour Challenge update, I have come up with a new project to work on. Recently, I watched a video about memory planners by Amy Tangerine. This isn't the exact one I watched, but I found it interesting that she filled every day with something.

Since I had just done something every day with the Colour Challenge (and it took over a year to share everything) I didn't want to do exactly what Amy is doing. However, I liked that Amy's planner is basically divided into squares. I thought I could do something with squares and decided on "Squared Away" as a title.

I spent some time looking at square templates on the internet and I found that six can neatly fit on a page (sadly not seven). My plan was that each week, I would fill a set of boxes but each set had to have a theme. I was only going to do one a week, but then it turned out to be a long wait for the next week and they are kind of fun! So I decided I will work on them approximately from Monday-Monday. If I only do one, that's fine and if I do more, that's fine too. Then I will post whatever I finished on Thursdays. (Unless I have an interview.)

I asked some family and friends to come up with some themes and my one friend loves My Little Pony! There was no way I could draw that so I asked her to do it. This is what will set Squared Away apart from the Colour Challenge because it will be more collaborative. If you have a theme idea or would like to be featured, you can email me at .

I started with a template that was supposed to have 3x3 inch squares but they turned out to be slightly larger. I learned that most sticky notes are 3x3 and I would like to use them to do collages on and then stick them to my page. So this is the template I am going to try next. I printed it out and although it said the squares were 2.96x2.96, the sticky notes still fit pretty well.

Feel free to use this or make your own. I downloaded this template from here and then I rotated it. Here are the squares that have been filled in so far (using a different template). There is no copyright infringement intended on this project. It's just for fun and is another way for me to use up materials I already have (but I won't turn down stickers if you want to send me some haha).

These were all from 2007.

Rylan is so talented.

It turns out I am not good at lines. These were all from scrapbook paper.

For this one, I used squares that were slightly bigger and I felt like they were too close together. If you scan the QR code, you will get to play on the app that comes with Kinder eggs!

I had these stickers forever. They came in some kind of package and they smelled really bad. We ended up spraying them with Febreze or something and left them outside. Because of their age and probably the spray, they weren't sticky anymore. So I had to glue them on, which defeats the purpose of having stickers. I'm glad they were finally used.



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