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  • Annette Dawm

Squared Away Update 10

My sister had sent me some popsicle stickers and I already had the zombie one. However, I was one short, so I bought a sticker pack on Amazon. This lead to the ice cream truck page. I thought the dad one was funny. On the frog page, Becky Yeoman drew the bottom left frog and Tiny Turtle Art Shop created the top right frogs. (The background is from a cookie box.) On the pandas/koalas page, there are some stickers from the '90s. Also on the koalas page, the bottom left koalas are actually the same colour, but the light from the scanner hit it weird and made them look different. Thanks again to Rylan Ross for contributing her art. We have been making lists of things to do next. Here is a template if you want to join.



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