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  • Annette Dawm

Squared Away Update 12

In this update, I have the first repeated themes (maps and guitars). I also found some canvasses that I did collages on that I no longer wanted. So somebody helped me cut the images off with something that was similar to a box cutter. Then I used a paper cutter to make the squares. This kind of wrecked my blade but I had another one. It was better (in my mind) to throw out a small blade than big canvasses with cool stuff on them. My sister also gave me a box of papers with all kinds of stuff in it (like shiny things) so I tried to use some of that. The scanner didn't do the best job with capturing all of the colours. (The hummingbird looks black but it is gold.)

On another note, I have been busy cutting out squares, I just have to get better at gluing them. In October, I will be doing my version of Inktober, where I post a comic every day, so I might not have many blog posts during that time. However, I will be working on stuff like squares and hopefully interviews. :)



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