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The Road to 100 Interviews 01

Updated: May 7, 2023

New Year, New Project! (Kind of.) Each year, I try to get 12 interviews or on per month. Now I am 19 interviews away from 100 so I want to push myself to get there by 2024. I thought it would be more creative for me to document the process. Each week, I will reach out to 3-5 people via email or social media. That being said, watching someone type an email or message is not exciting, so I will also incorporate quotes and footage from past interviews. As it goes on, it will probably be like a little diary as I try to figure things out, For example, in this video, I had a little sound problem, but I figured it out for next week,

This week's Top 5:

Mei Yu

Amy Shackleton

Iain Hursey

Jennifer Candy

Griffen Palmer

I have included their Instagram handles in the video so that you can check out their work and politely ask them to do an interview with me. ;) Also, shout out to Ryan Reynolds and Colin Hanks! You'll see why in the video.

Past Interviewees: (That's a fun word.)

I hope you like this project! If you have any interview requests or you would like to be interviewed, you can email me at (Dawm has an "m" at the end like "mouse".)



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