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  • Annette Dawm

Unveiling Ashbaugh Artworks

Today is a big day for Scott Ashbaugh as he finally unveils his online store for Ashbaugh Artworks, which officially opens at 12 PM EST. “I have been planning to open an online store for a long time now to share my artwork…. I was encouraged by family and friends. I had some friends who started commissioning me for paintings as gifts, and to design tattoos for them. From there, I was encouraged to start selling my art and designs online,” he explained.

Leading up to the grand opening, Scott used social media to promote himself while perfecting the website behind the scenes: “Social media has already played a huge part in promoting Ashbaugh Artworks both on Instagram and Facebook. These sites are the best ways to connect with the community and other artists. Social media sites have streamlined e-commerce to make the shopping experience so easy. They will continue to be the largest platforms for advertising the launch of the store, the addition of new products, and other promotions.” Ashbaugh added that the initial stages of setting up his website were tedious at times, but seeing it come together has made it all worthwhile.

For any new followers or fans of his work, Scott wanted people to know that art may not be his full-time job (for now) but that it has always been his full-time passion: “I have always had a passion for art, and I love to challenge myself as an artist…. I can always be found working on a project after work or on weekends.”

Currently, Scott creates art based on two different styles, but he is always up for trying something new. His realism portraits, like that of The Joker or Neil Peart are hand painted on canvas and are generally done in black and white. His colourful, “New School” designs are drawn with pencil on paper and then completed with pencil crayons and paint. Ashbaugh also mentioned, “I have not tried my hand at digital art yet, but it is something I'm considering attempting as a new challenge.”

In terms of merchandise available from Ashbaugh Artworks, Scott listed a wide variety of products: “Without giving too much away before the store launches, I will be offering t-shirts, phone cases, beach towels, prints and many more! My favourite design so far has to be a pirate ship beach towel!”

While Scott can’t wait for customers to order his art, he is also excited to purchase a few things for himself. “I think it will be very surreal to see my artwork on clothing and phone cases, and for those items to be shared with other people!”

Finally, Scott Ashbaugh offered the following advice for those who would also like to sell their art: “It can be tough to put a monetary value on a painting or drawing, so it's important to know your worth and ask for what you believe you deserve for the piece.”

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Photos courtesy of Scott Ashbaugh.

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