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In addition to the people listed below, my art and photos have been welcomed into the homes of JoJo Mason, Aaron Pritchett, Tim HicksThe Cadillac Three, The Reklaws and more. I am grateful that they accepted each piece with open arms. I would love to sell more personalized art work and I can be reached by email here


In 2016, I read about which began when Hannah Brencher started leaving encouraging notes for others to find. I started hiding postcards and one day, Wes Mack came to The Covent Garden Market. He caught me with a postcard before I could hide it and asked if he could keep it. Now, whenever I see Wes, I make him one.



Chris Labelle, formerly of River Town Saints signed a picture for me after a few beers at Trackside. He got a little carried away with the Sharpie and I didn't know what to do with the photo afterwards. So, I turned it into a collage and he said he would put it on his wall at home. Other members of River Town Saints have my photographs as well.



This was a piece I created for a grade 12 art class. I took these photos of Johnny Reid at one of the first concerts I went to and wrote the lyrics to "Out of the Blue" on a CD. My art teacher suggested that one of the photos be on foam core so that Johnny "popped out" of the frame. I kept it for almost 10 years and then decided it should go to Johnny's house, so I brought it to a meet and greet and gave it to him.

He was so surprised and asked to keep it.



In 2018, I was fortunate enough to see Brett Kissel three times on The We Were That Song Tour. During one of the shows, I took a photo of Brett that I really liked and I turned it into a collage that he could take home. I made two copies so that I could keep one as well and have it signed. Brett said it was "so wonderful and so kind" and that he was going to hang it in his music room. He knew exactly where to put it!



I met London artist, Vanessa Zita Vanderidder at the 2018 Visual Fringe.

Vanessa bought this piece called "My Brain Hurts a Lot" because she is recovering from a brain injury and her partner is a mortician! They loved the skull and they thought this art fit well with their story. I could not have planned that in a million years!



I hired Tatyana as a Personal Support Worker and she told me that she wanted to buy "Love Overcoming Pain". (This isn't the whole picture.) It is currently hanging in her bathroom, which I think is so cool!

peacock lady_edited.jpg


I went to college with Jamara and Darryl. They formed Orange Hat Film Productions and purchased "Wild in the City" following Visual Fringe. The collage features Martha Stewart and Keanu Reeves and it may or may not be used as a prop in one of their upcoming projects.



Mauricio is a family friend who wanted to buy "Bubblegum" but I wanted to keep it, so I had a print made for him. Recently, Mauricio inquired about purchasing another picture and said that "One can never have enough Dawm's on the wall!"

Bubblegum 037.jpg
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