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Going Full Throttle with Marshall Dane

Marshall Dane has been making music since he was 15 years old and said that it all started “in a little café… for $35 and a plate of cheesecake”. Influenced by the artists his parents listened to, such as John Denver and Elvis Presley, Marshall wants people to know that when it comes to his own music, he writes songs from the heart that are based on things he has witnessed.

In addition to helping him write songs, Marshall’s heart has lead him to complete several random acts of kindness over the last few years, especially during the holiday season. Just last month, Marshall carried on his Christmas tradition of delivering homemade lasagna to homeless people in his community. When asked what inspired him to do so, he replied, “My friend Katie, who passed in 2012, used to do something similar. She never told anyone else to do it. She just lead by example.” Katie Traverso had starred in Dane’s music videos for “Sure Thing” and “Christmas Eve for Two”.

With the holidays behind him and a new year just begun, Dane said that 2017 is going to be “an exciting year… I'm working on creating new music in the studio!” He is also opening for Brett Kissel on January 20, at The Georgian Theatre in Barrie, ON. Marshall was selected to be one of Brett’s opening acts via the #KickItWithKissel contest where emerging artists could upload a video of themselves performing in hopes of landing a spot on “The Ice, Snow & Thirty Below Tour”. Once he read about the contest in the CMAO Newsletter, Dane recalled that he “instantly started brain storming how I was going to make this become a reality!” and that reality is fast approaching! He couldn’t be happier and was eager to share the news with everyone: “I was super pumped! I called up my closest friends and band mates and let them in on the exciting info! I'm looking forward to sharing my music with Brett's fans, getting them ramped up, and then leaving them wanting more! I'm getting stoked just thinking about it!!!”

Marshall Dane admitted that the “creative ebbs and flows” are the best part of his job. “It's always changing, exciting and challenging.” He also offered the following advice for other aspiring artists: “Go for it full throttle! Go until the tank is empty! Fill ‘er up, and go another round!”

For more information please visit and like Marshall on Facebook.

Photos courtesy of Marshall Dane.

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