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  • Annette Dawm

Meet Mr. Grip$

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Mr. Grip$ is an artist originally from Conception Bay South, Newfoundland. He is best known for using triangles in his work, which often depicts East Coast life. He has also done portraits of well-known Canadian musicians such as The Weeknd, Dallas Green and Gord Downie. Working away from home has brought Mr. Grip$ closer to his roots with his art:

“Newfoundland is who I am. It can’t help but come out in every aspect of my life. [I’m] very proud to be a Newfoundlander. We live in the best country in the world with some of the most talented people. I love to shine a light on people that inspire me and are doing big things for Canada. I use my work as a means to combat the homesickness I feel from day to day. It really brings me close to the place and people I love most. It’s given me an opportunity to connect with other East coasters from around the globe that feel that same homesickness. They tell me about their families and memories of the place they call ‘home’ and it’s really amazing. It’s definitely the best thing that my work has given me” he explained.

Another place for his inspiration also happens to be where he posts most of his work: Instagram. Mr. Grip$ currently has 17.8 thousand followers, and he follows over 6000 people himself. He admitted that he “loves ‘em all.”

“It’s amazing, the world we live in now when it comes to social media. I get inspiration from all my talented followers on a daily basis. Whether it be a photographer, musician, artist, or even a little old nanny knitting slippers. They inspire me to create.”

Although he always puts his ideas on paper first, Mr. Grip$ is a self-described “Tri-paintgital” artist. “[I’m] all about that triangle, paint, digital style…. There’s just something about geometric shapes that grab my attention. I was sketching late one night and the White Stripes video for ‘Seven Nation Army’ came on the TV. I remember being hypnotized by the images in triangles and then started to draw connected triangles on paper. I loved the way it looked and began to experiment with the concept. It eventually turned into something I thought was pretty dope and I was proud of”.

While he has “always been into artistic things”, Mr. Grip$ also said “of course” he has a day job. “It’s hard to get paid with just your art. That’s the end goal, but until then it’s grinding at a job and a dream…. Whether it be painting, photography or creating music, I just want to learn and grow with anything I take on.” Additionally, Mr. Grip$ wanted to encourage other artists to “find something you love to inspire you. Grind & be original.”

If you would like to see how Mr. Grip$’ dream evolves, you can follow him on Instagram and visit

Photos courtesy of Mr. Grip$.

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