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Wall Project Update #11 (Final Update)

As you might know, I finished my Wall Project earlier this month. Since then I have started a few other projects and it has been nice to not glue something every day. However, The Wall deserved a final send off before some of it is dismantled next year and hopefully sold at some art shows. So while this is the final wall update, you will be seeing brand new art show updates over the coming months.

I always envisioned The Wall Project going viral and I don't know if we can do it on this blog alone, so eventually I will also upload this video to Ashton Kutcher's website. I was featured on this site three years ago for my article, "30 Things People with Physical Disabilities Understand" (They used a slightly different title.) If this link doesn't work, just Google the title I provided. I did this article in a joking manner but the people in charge found it to be very inspirational. I'm not sure that the wall is in the same category as that, but aplus is a huge platform and this article had over 10000 views the last time I checked a couple of years ago. (I had trouble logging in after the article was posted.) Sharing The Wall Project on aplus could bring a whole new audience to my blog! But let's not forget about the old audience-- you guys! Haha. Here is my final Wall Project Update! (You may have seen some of the footage before but I also added some never before seen videos. Ooooh!)

Before this goes on aplus, I would like to see how much we can share this blog ourselves-- not just the video, as it will help me keep track of how many blog views I have altogether. (I am almost at 100 000!) So here is a link you can use: . It will take you back to this page that you are reading now.

I hope you liked that! I personally have watched it like 8000 times. Anyway, since this will likely be my last "Personal Post" for 2017, I'd like to tell you what's coming up on this blog. Today, I'm going to see Petric at the market, which is the last artist spotlight of the year and my last musical outing for 2017. I was also supposed to see Sharon and Bram tonight (don't judge me) but that got postponed until June. So Petric is a fair trade and I will have photos of them on Monday. Hopefully they will have time to do an interview, and if they do, I will post it some time in January.

What about the rest of this year? Well, I have a few stories that I would like to revisit over the next few weeks. Then I will reveal the top ten blogs of 2017! The number one spot is probably very obvious if you have followed me from the start, but things are still changing so the rest of the list could even be a surprise to me! Things will take a break after that and the blog will be back on January 2, 2018, which is the blog's first birthday! I made a special video for that and I have also started working on a top secret video for when we reach 100 000 views! (Okay, maybe 8 people know about it.) Finally, I have a very big interview that I can't wait to share, but we'll have to wait until next year!


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