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  • Annette Dawm

After the Show: Ascot Royals, Matthew Good & Our Lady Peace

On March 10, 2018 I was able to see the above mentioned acts at Budweiser Gardens in London, ON. Since my "professional" camera wouldn't be allowed into the building, I had to re-learn how to use my small camera, and I think my phone camera is on its way out but I have taken thousands and thousands of pictures with my phone. Anyway, I tried to get a few nice photos. My photos of Ascot Royals didn't turn out at all which was disappointing. I really enjoyed them so I met lead singer, Jimmy Chauveau afterwards and he gave me a handful of guitar picks so that made up for the lack of photos! PS The first photo is what I assume to be someone's food on top of an accessible button. My favourite part of the show was actually at the end, I know that sounds terrible, but when Our Lady Peace left the stage, "Skinnamarink" by Sharon, Lois and Bram came on and I thought, "How Canadian is that?" Both bands have a special place in my heart haha. Also, in between sets they played Jeremy Fisher's music as well as music by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard which I thought was bizarre but I loved it. There was definitely something for everybody during the whole show!

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