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  • Annette Dawm

Art With Panache Update #1

As mentioned in a previous post, I have some artwork hanging up at Art With Panache! (AWP)

I originally went to see my hanging up on the same day I went to see Justin Tyler. I thought it looked really great because the first two pieces I took in had a lot of red in them and they were hung on a red wall.

Audrey Cooper liked them so much that she invited me to bring in two more and I was a little worried about it because the two I had in mind had a lot of green and pink in them that might not look as good on this wall. However, some customers had asked Audrey if there were any smaller pieces for sale since not everybody can take home a giant painting. The gallery recently had a show featuring work with flowers and most of the pieces were on the smaller side. Audrey thought my work would fit in here and moved my work to a grey wall which was closer to the front of the gallery!

My work getting hung up by Mary!

These four collages were in the Fringe Festival, but seeing them here feels like the right fit. There's no pressure. There's no worries about making my money back. I was invited to bring my work in. It was wanted. Maybe not by a buyer (yet) but it's nice to be invited rather than "I paid to be here". I felt like at Fringe I had to prove myself. Not to say that wasn't a great opportunity, but the environment at Art With Panache seems much more relaxed and welcoming. Since Fringe had a huge entry fee, I was more worried about selling things and now I just hope people like my art and if they buy it, that's great too.

That being said, I have been working on new things for the 12x12 show at AWP and there is an entry fee, but it is much more affordable. I am allowed to enter three things. Unfortunately, my pieces in frames are 0.5 inches too big, so this has been a challenge from the get go. But seeing my work at AWP has motivated me to keep trying! :) I will post more about that when the work is finished or if I get to submit other pieces.

P.S, My sister took some of these photos. You should check out her website:

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