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  • Annette Dawm

After the Show: Alan Doyle and Whitney Rose

Centennial Hall was pretty strict about taking pictures but I got some of Alan and only one of Whitney. Shoutout to the lady who danced up to Alan Doyle, kissed him and then danced away like nothing happened. As you might know, my blog is winding down for this year. I only have two shows left to go to so there won't be many more things to share. If the weather is bad there won't be any more shows for me this year haha. Seriously though, if the snow could hold off that would be great. I have several concerts planned for next year, and of course, The JUNO Awards! The tickets haven't gone on sale yet but I will get there! :) I am looking for interview suggestions for 2019 so please let me know if there is a creative person that you would like me to try and interview!

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