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  • Annette Dawm Songwriting Contest

A little while ago, you might have seen that I posted about an upcoming contest to do with my blog, and here it is!

Yes! I want you to write me a song-- actually, I'm looking for two songs, but you can enter as many times as you want. Each year, on January 2, (my blog's birthday) I post a video to show highlights from the previous year. I spend hours on the internet looking for the right background music. I interview a lot of songwriters so I thought maybe there are some songwriters out there who might be able to tailor their music to suit the video for next year. Speaking of videos, I made this one. There are some things I left out for the sake of time, so if this is something you might be interested in, keep reading after you watch the video.

Okay, you're back! Yay! In case you haven't seen my other highlight videos, I posted them here (<- watch this one to hear Tim McMorris and Josh Woodward. I also like the song, "Last Blank Page" by The East Pointers) and here so you can get a feel for how much stuff is packed into each one. So far, 2019 has been very busy in terms of concerts and events so I want to include as much as possible without boring people to death. I would like to keep the video under 10 minutes, which is why I'm looking for two songs that are at least three minutes long. If your song is 2:55, add 5 seconds of silence or laugh at the end or something. Again, the instruments I suggested are just suggestions. If you can make an upbeat song with a piano or an accordion, go for it haha! However, I do tend to lean towards ukuleles and guitars. Do whatever you are comfortable with! I am just excited you have a genuine interest in this.

That being said, I want to elaborate on what you will get out of this. In the video, it was mentioned that you will get a *gift card, but editing the video was hard and I was not able to add "AND MORE".

So here's what I was thinking:

TWO PEOPLE (assuming at least two people will enter) WILL HAVE THEIR SONG FEATURED IN THE "BLOG TURNS 3" VIDEO



*In Canada only.

**If we have already done an interview together, we'll do a new one. :)

Mostly, this contest is just for fun and I can't offer you big, fancy things like a recording contract or a new car-- BUT when the video is posted, I will tag as many artists as possible and they might get to hear your song and good things could happen! Social media is pretty powerful and I know a lot of artists that will either like or retweet my work!


I chose November 30, 2019 because it's far enough away that people will have enough time to work on it, but also there will be time for me to work on the video. Please try to submit your songs prior to November 30, if possible. Remember, you can enter as many times as you want. Winners will be announced some time in December 2019! Send your songs to . (If no one enters, that would be sad, but I will go back to finding cool music on the internet, so you might as well send me yours!)


You can send me an audio recording (MP3, WAV etc) or a video recording (YouTube link) or both.


As mentioned in the video, the song can be instrumental or have vocals. You may have already recorded a song that you think will be a good fit for the project and that's great! However, if you are up for the challenge, you can personalize it to include some of the artists and events that were featured on the blog this year. Sorry that not a lot of things rhyme with blog.... Since the video will be roughly 6 minutes long, I won't be able to include everything I did, but this is basically my calendar for 2019. I will update it as much as possible throughout the year. You can find links to everything, including photos and interviews on my Facebook page and by browsing the website. (I tried to do it here but everything got jumbled.) More things TBA:


Interview with Logan Staats

Interview with Tommy Avallone


Interview with Cross Parallel

Wes Mack

Luke Combs, LANCO and Jameson Rodgers

I did five blog posts about The JUNO Awards -- four days of photos and one highlight video-- TONS OF ARTISTS!!!

I submitted my sketchbook to The Brooklyn Art Library


Interview with Ches Anthony

Interview with Kelly Peter

Interview with Devin Cuddy (Posted in May)

Eric Ethridge

Riley Green

Thomas Rhett and Dustin Lynch


Moon Vs. Sun (Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk)

Eric Ethridge and Genevieve Fisher

Port Cities and Steven Page

George Canyon, Doc Walker, Charlie Major and Manny Blu

Interview with Doc Walker


Forest City Comicon


Home County (Steven Page, Fred Penner and more!)

Rock the Park Country Day


Michael Buble


Rob Thomas, Max Frost and Tyler Shaw

A potential interview with Tyler Shaw is in the works!


Park Jam Festival with Brett Kissel, Meghan Patrick, JoJo Mason and Aaron Goodvin

Whose Live Anyway?


London Comic Con

Dean Brody, Dallas Smith, Chad Brownlee and MacKenzie Porter


Dr. Phil (I know, what?)

That's all for now.

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