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  • Annette Dawm

A Blog Update (March 2020)

Updated: Apr 5, 2020


Originally this post was just going to be about Overheard Things but I thought I would check in with a few other things as well. Firstly, I have noticed that TAP Centre for Creativity has cancelled or postponed most of its programming due to the virus. So far, Visual Fringe has been postponed to September 22-October 3, 2020 with the opening night likely to be on September 23. ***Update: Tingfest has been cancelled but I have been invited to the 2021 show!*** Basically, everything is a wait and see sort of thing.

Also, you have probably noticed that I haven't had much content this year outside of the comics. I hope you like them because that's what you're getting haha. Even before the outbreak, I knew that I wouldn't be going to many shows in the winter so the comics were a back up plan for Mondays and Thursdays. That being said, a lot of concerts I was going to were cancelled or postponed, so you won't be seeing any concert photos for awhile. I was fortunate to see Fred Penner because after that, his tour was cut short.

My interviews have also been on hold, not because of the virus, but because I was pumping out multiple comics a day. Since October, I have completed over 130 comics (most of which were done in three weeks) and it was the most fun five months I'd ever had. I wasn't worrying about interviews or why no one was writing me back. I was just quietly making something by myself. I didn't have to wait on a response from somebody else. So I haven't sent an interview request in a long time, but now I need a break from comics, so I will try again. It's a vicious creative cycle haha.

Luckily, Trevor Dubois answered my questions last week and I was able to post his article Monday. The Arkells liked it! This was my 5th interview of the year and my 49th overall. I am wondering with all of this self-isolation and cancelled shows if there will be a better chance of doing more interviews since most artists are supposedly at home. I am not going to count on it. Again, we shall see.

Look what I did in my free time.... By the way, Blurb is having another sale until March 21, so you can buy a book here and use the code, SPRINGBK25 for 25% off! It will give you something to read until everything settles down. People have been saying stay safe and I don't know if those are the right words, so I will just say what Fred Penner said to me which was, "Be well". I think that's all we can hope for right now.




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