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  • Annette Dawm

Notebook for Brett (with Brett Kissel!)

My computer wasn't working when I first started this video so the sound is a bit off.

Thank you to Brett and his entire team for making this the best day possible!

Paper sources:

  • Gift bags/Dollarama

  • Current and 90's printer paper

  • Thank you card

  • Without a Dime Girls

  • A Brett Kissel print that I made

  • Muppet notebook from Hot Topic


  • I make my own planners and I covered an old planner sheet with white paper or card stock so it could be re-used



  • Talize

  • A collage/envelopes

  • Unbound Designs

  • Notepad from Shoppers

  • Hunter Brothers poster

  • Music book from Attic Books

  • Scrapbook paper from 2004

  • Sketchbook cover



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