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  • Annette Dawm

Notebook for Harley

Supplies for Harley's book:

Covers: Dollarama and stickers from Talize. I didn't intend to put stickers on it but someone ripped a hole in the cover. :(

  • Printer paper (current and from the '90s)

  • (They have a copyright policy so I have to put a sticker in to acknowledge that)

  • Unbound Designs paper

  • Michaels paper

  • I used squares from my Squared Away project which included wrapping paper, pamphlets and magazine papers and other things

  • Mail a whale postcard haha

  • My sketchbook cover from high school

  • Stampin' Up had guitar paper but they had ugly paper on the back so I scanned it and changed the colours

  • Notepad from Giant Tiger

  • A Brett Kissel print that I made

  • Hunter Brothers poster

  • Stickers from Ban.Do

  • Envelope

  • Walmart paper

  • Amazon paper

  • Notebook/stickers from the '90s (I don't know if Harley will like these)


  • A notebook cover that I coloured in college

  • Bristol board



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