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  • Annette Dawm

Notebook for Heather

Supplies for Heather's book:

  • Cardstock and paper from

  • Paper from Michaels

  • Printer paper-- current and from the '90s

  • Postcards

  • Paper from Unbound Designs including vintage book pages

  • I also had my own vintage book pages (On my screen, the "I" looks blue in this line)

  • A divider

  • Sketchbook paper

  • Notebook/stickers from the '90s

  • I glued a Christmas card onto the back of one of the lined pages because I didn't like the other side

  • Hunter Brothers poster

  • Paper from

  • Cardstock

  • A paint box

  • Paper from Dollarama

  • Bristol board that was probably also from the dollar store



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