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  • Annette Dawm

Notebook for Kim

For some reason, this one was really hard to bind but I thought it turned out pretty nice. I really liked using the glitter paper for the covers but it is thin. After making this video and the last notebook video, I found that the videos are almost as much work as making the notebooks. So I am trying to figure out a way to still do the videos but make it more fun for me.

What I enjoy most about making these notebooks is that the paper leaves my home. I also like actually putting the pages in order and onto the wire. The binding itself is hard. I have made five notebooks so far for other people. I am also working on about five other notebooks at this time. So I have already cut out and hole punched over 200 pieces of paper. Sometimes the pages don't hole punch properly and then they can't be used. However, I have been able to mend several of them by gluing them onto a new piece of paper and taping over the old holes with Washi tape. This way you can't see the mistake and you can make new holes without it falling apart.



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