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  • Annette Dawm

Squared Away Update 8

During this update, I started to glue down squares even if I didn't have all six things. So I didn't like the order of the cats but I think the rest turned out okay (except one page got caught in the printer and came out crooked). I am starting to recognize which pieces would look better in a "corner" or in the middle. I discovered that regular/printer paper tends to curl up from the glue so thicker paper is better. I had some blank pages in old sketchbooks from high school. I cut them to fit inside my printer which is a project in itself. I also got a thinner marker for the outlines but it turns out my hands just have technical difficulties.

"Two" was suggested by Heather Wodhams and I decided to do something other than the number. If you would like to participate, there is a template below. You can also send me theme suggestions at .

I am basically making the squares from things I have already cut out, so I'm not doing anything overly complicated. I like animals, objects and colours/patterns. Also, if I can find six pictures of the same person, I will do that. I started one for Paul McCartney and then I only had five pictures (aah!) but then I went through one of my totes and found him. That will probably be in the next update.

That's all for now.



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