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  • Annette Dawm

The Blog Turns 5

Today my blog turns five! To celebrate, I made this video with some of the highlights from 2021! I know that "highlight" is a strong word these days, but I did get to interact with some pretty amazing people, both online and in person. Without Zoom, I never would have had people like Rider Strong and Will Friedle (AKA my childhood) in my life. Without the internet in general, I never would have found Morgan Casey and Sheila Tan. Without The CCMAs, I don't know if I ever would have gotten my photo with Dustin Lynch because I already blew that opportunity twice over the years haha. This video is a little longer than what I would normally post, but I don't think things like these will happen again. There will be other fun opportunities (hopefully) but nothing that will look quite like this again. Happy New Year! My video is below but it starts off with a white background in case you are having trouble spotting it. :)




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