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  • Annette Dawm

The Road to 100 Interviews 05

Updated: May 7, 2023

This time, I attempt to interview comic creators, Christopher Grady (Lunarbaboon), Brian Gordon (Fowl Language) and Nick Seluk (Heart and Brain/The Awkward Yeti). There are also extra shout outs to Carson Boatman and Steven Lee Olsen because it seems like we keep missing each other.

On Feb. 1, I got a new wheelchair. I documented a bit of that process in this video as well as the next one. I cried a lot so I don't know how much of that footage I will actually use. It's hard to make a video that's under five minutes haha. I think I prefer doing a Top 3 instead of a Top 5. It's quicker for the video and it also takes less time to write and send questions. In the spring, I will be going out more, so sending three interview requests is just better for me in terms of time management. When I can, I will still do five in a week,



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