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  • Annette Dawm

A Salute to Shirts

Recently, I had a conversation with photographer, Corey Kelly. I see Corey at most of the events I go to and he usually has a shirt with his name on it. We talked about the importance of buying shirts at concerts because each sale supports the artist directly. It got me thinking, I have a lot of shirts. From concert shirts to other graphic tees, to the "nice" shirts with a collar or girly looking sleeves. (I also have a fondness for jackets.)

When I started doing phone/Zoom interviews, I would record them, but I'd also make a video beforehand just to say who I was interviewing and what number it was. Unintentionally, I would point out which shirt I was wearing even though that didn't matter-- especially for the phone interviews. After my conversation with Corey, I realized I had a lot of these moments recorded and I started putting together a video.

Earlier this year, I also started listening to the Pod Meets World podcast where Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong and Will Friedle re-watch Boy Meets World. Rider's son, Indy said that in the early episodes, there were "too much shirts" because of how many layers each actor wore. In my mind though, I felt personally attacked. You can never have enough shirts. I already have some Boy Meets World shirts and I fully intend to get a Pod Meets World shirt in the near future. :)

Last year, I had a few minutes to talk to Will and Rider through different Zoom events, but I've always wanted to do a full interview with them. I reached out as soon as they mentioned that the podcast had an email address. However, I've also heard that they get thousands of emails. So I thought maybe if we could show them my passion for t-shirts and storytelling, they might respond.

The same goes for Steve Gaskin and Eric Bauza at I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on their shirts. When the company turned three this year, there was an opportunity to make a video for their "birthday" and then receive a $50 gift card! You best believe I got one! We tried to set up an interview, but I imagine their schedules are very busy (especially since Eric is the voice of Bugs Bunny!) So if nothing else comes of this, I hope you enjoyed my video. Below are some links related to the people who are mentioned in it.

Corey Kelly

Shania Twain

Josh Ramsay

Corey Follett/The Quilted Stash

Some Things Never Change Tour

Dierks Bentley

Bec Hill

Tim Deegan

Rider Strong

Will Friedle

Ches Anthony (Hercules shirt)

Morgan Casey

Devin Cuddy

Mike Manning

Morgan Hoffman

JoJo Mason


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