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  • Annette Dawm

A Salute to Shirts

Recently, I had a conversation with photographer, Corey Kelly. I see Corey at most of the events I go to and he usually has a shirt with his name on it. We talked about the importance of buying shirts at concerts because each sale supports the artist directly. It got me thinking, I have a lot of shirts. From concert shirts to other graphic tees, to the "nice" shirts with a collar or girly looking sleeves. (I also have a fondness for jackets.)

When I started doing phone/Zoom interviews, I would record them, but I'd also make a video beforehand just to say who I was interviewing and what number it was. Unintentionally, I would point out which shirt I was wearing even though that didn't matter-- especially for the phone interviews. After my conversation with Corey, I realized I had a lot of these moments recorded and I started putting together a video.

Earlier this year, I also started listening to the Pod Meets World podcast where Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong and Will Friedle re-watch Boy Meets World. Rider's son, Indy said that in the early episodes, there were "too much shirts" because of how many layers each actor wore. In my mind though, I felt personally attacked. You can never have enough shirts. I already have some Boy Meets World shirts and I fully intend to get a Pod Meets World shirt in the near future. :)

Last year, I had a few minutes to talk to Will and Rider through different Zoom events, but I've always wanted to do a full interview with them. I reached out as soon as they mentioned that the podcast had an email address. However, I've also heard that they get thousands of emails. So I thought maybe if we could show them my passion for t-shirts and storytelling, they might respond.

The same goes for Steve Gaskin and Eric Bauza at I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on their shirts. When the company turned three this year, there was an opportunity to make a video for their "birthday" and then receive a $50 gift card! You best believe I got one! We tried to set up an interview, but I imagine their schedules are very busy (especially since Eric is the voice of Bugs Bunny!) So if nothing else comes of this, I hope you enjoyed my video. Below are some links related to the people who are mentioned in it.

Corey Follett/The Quilted Stash

Ches Anthony (Hercules shirt)



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